My Don’ts

TPK When it comes to GMing, at any rate. Today on TPK I talk about some of the things I can't stand anymore, s an avenue to reflecting on some of the issues I've been having with my style lately. I worry that I've been directing people in game too much, and when I worry about things, I write about them. You should know that by now. For things like "Don't play a sociopath" and "Don't talk the talk of you don't walk the walk," head over to TPK!



Every weekend we do some roundups on my blogs. TPK this week has a great game kickstarter, a guide to getting started painting minis, and a kickass t-shirt among other things. Concept Crucible celebrates a crowdsourced birthday, laser fusion and a few other things. Also, butt hole song from hell. Just saying. Go and look, come and see, that sort of thing. Click for science! Click for games! 


“We’re all just human!”

Today's video came out of a post a friend of mine put up on Facebook that got a billion likes from everyone, but also got me thinking about how saying we need to forget about race and sexuality and focus on humanity is a super problematic thing to do, and steeped in privilege. He's a good guy, and I know his heart's in the right place, but that doesn't always count for as much as we'd hope. Mistakes get made, and I'm no stranger to that. Colourblind ideology is problematic for a lot of reasons that I get into today.…

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