April 12, 2015 at 0317PM(2)

That’s Vlogging Every Day in April. If you follow the Riot channel, you may have noticed a lot more updates than our usual vlogs, videogames, and podcasts. That’s because it’s VEDA, and although VEDA has been abandoned by my genius crush Hank Green, likely because he’s on tour all month, I’m still vlogging every day […]

Managing Strangeness

Easter Bunny

I am very strange.

Not like, peanut butter taxidermy strange, but in the sense that, while I wouldn’t turn a once-beloved pet into an eviscerated furry bird-feeder, but strange enough that I’d try to relay that concept to you and think that it’s a functional analogy. That’s why I like safe space.


Show Us Your Cool Batman Stuff

Jim and Emma at Nerd Fest

Nerd Fest was last night, which was basically rad. Charlotte and her team crowded a hall full of people to eat cheese, hear talks, play videogames, play with balloons, board game, and have fun. To be nerdy.


The Show Must Go On

I haven’t made anything in months (except for podcasts, thanks to my partner shoving me along on that one). Barely written a word, only shot a few videos, wrote a couple of songs but haven’t recorded them (it doesn’t count if you don’t record them. Anything else is just singing in the shower). It’s got […]

Boredom Immunity

Woot Suit Riot

In the 5th grade my teacher tried to break me with the hallway,, but instead I was transformed into a superhuman, incapable of being bored. Not exactly, but pretty close. Boredom is an opportunity to let your mind wander and your imagination run away with itself. The real secret is in the […]