Day 6 – Fuck

Words: 659

Total words: 7003

Favourite turn of phrase: “Convicts were loud as a rule. In a place where they were forgotten and abandoned, they struggled for significance as anyone would.”

Lessons Learned: Sure I’ll open Facebook. And Youtube. Just ten minutes and then I’ll sprint–Ooh, Alex Boye. Fuck. I’m thinking about the Poetry Slam […]

Day 5 – The Case of the Missing Day 4

Day 4 was D&D night, which means no writing happened.

Words: 1725

Total Word Count: 6352

Favourite turn of phrase: “What could frighten an immortal more than his irrelevance?”

Lessons Learned: The tone is shifting dramatically. It’s still not entirely clear to anyone not me what this is about, but it’s vastly more intelligible than […]

Day 3 – Are you Afraid of the Dark?

Words: 2398

Total words: 4634

Time spent writing: 1 hour, 45 minutes.

Favourite line: No one was ready to know that creatures of myth and legend walked among them. That some of them hunted humanity, for food or for sport. No one was ready to be that afraid of the dark.

Lessons Learned: This gets […]

Day 2 – Wizarding Worries and Swing Sorrow

Words: 592

Time spent writing: 45 minutes

Favourite sentence: Ordinary people never understood. They only saw the power, and not the price. All of the fire, but none of the risk.

Lessons learned: Swing dancing makes for very tired writing. Introducing magical realism is hard. Still have no idea how people work.

Conclusions: Keep writing. […]

Day 1 – The Heartbeat of Beginning

Day 1 Log! Words: 1625 Time Spent Writing: Three hours. Terms invented: thrash banjo Favourite Phrase: “getting drunker than a Toronto mayor” Lessons learned: I do not give fucks where anything happens. This thing reads like a play. I do not, at all, understand human beings or their behaviour. Conclusion: I should keep writing, but […]