During the day I’m the Communications Coordinator for the Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo, and by night I make stuff. I’m a bit addicted to collaboration, too. I love working with people on writing, art, music, and charity projects. You can find me writing about ideas and ramblings at Concept Crucible, giving advice on tabletop gaming at TPK, making gaming videos, music, and vlogging with friends on Woot Suit Riot, and playing videogames for charity during Headshots from the Heart, and in other random places on the internet. Say hello by leaving a comment somewhere, or throw me a tweet @ConceptCrucible!

Concept Crucible, a blog about ideasWoot Suit Riot, a channel about nerdy things
Headshots from the Heart, a charity event for children's hospitalsTPK, a blog about tabletop gaming

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