Fever dreams


Down with the sickness this weekend, updating websites I haven’t touched in far too long. I blame Rachel and Miles, who have haunted me all weekend. I even missed the poetry slam, on account of being Patient Zero for the next great epidemic. Despite all my sleeping, I made a thing. This isn’t it, but […]

So…I Stopped Eating Meat

This was my first week as a vegetarian. The moral argument finally got to me, but I’ll get to that in this week’s Concept Crucible, where we do the actual philosophy. For me it’s been mostly adjusting the way I eat food, beans instead of bacon in the chili, new ideas for breakfasts and lunches. […]

Free Comic Day!

Dark Claw

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day, which is basically the best invention for tiny nerds since articles without comment threads. The door of my local comic shop, normally catering to people in their 30’s with Funko Pop and Snake Plisskin action figures, was crowded with cosplayers and children as young as four, picking up their […]

Ia Ia Ithaqua

Greetings from Camp Ithaqua

We’re at Camp Ithaqua this weekend, named for the Elder God of the frozen north. Basically we rented a cottage and played boardgames and rpgs all weekend. Good times are had by all. It’s been neat to share space and get to know people, but I am literally leaving in a few minutes. Done all […]


April 12, 2015 at 0317PM(2)

That’s Vlogging Every Day in April. If you follow the Riot channel, you may have noticed a lot more updates than our usual vlogs, videogames, and podcasts. That’s because it’s VEDA, and although VEDA has been abandoned by my genius crush Hank Green, likely because he’s on tour all month, I’m still vlogging every day […]