March Roundups!

For this week, anyway. Learn about physics from an evil AI! Check out a cool kickstarter! See new pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope, and get things done!  That's right, as always there's a roundup of cool science and art stuff on Concept Crucible and awesome gaming stuff on TPK. Go forth and see the wickedness the world has wrought this week (not wickedness as in badness, but as in coolness. Like the kids are using "sick" these days. Just go). Click for art! Click for gaming!


My Don’ts

TPK When it comes to GMing, at any rate. Today on TPK I talk about some of the things I can't stand anymore, s an avenue to reflecting on some of the issues I've been having with my style lately. I worry that I've been directing people in game too much, and when I worry about things, I write about them. You should know that by now. For things like "Don't play a sociopath" and "Don't talk the talk of you don't walk the walk," head over to TPK!

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