Every weekend we do some roundups on my blogs. TPK this week has a great game kickstarter, a guide to getting started painting minis, and a kickass t-shirt among other things. Concept Crucible celebrates a crowdsourced birthday, laser fusion and a few other things. Also, butt hole song from hell. Just saying. Go and look, come and see, that sort of thing. Click for science! Click for games! 



Above all else, I’m a creature of habit. I think we all are to some extent. We enjoy a good routine. Getting my wisdom teeth out put me out for two weeks and shook up that routine quite a bit. I’ve decided to get a new one. Getting up earlier, doing more things, exercising better and finding more time to do the things I really like, like cook, make music, and shoot videos. here are some of the habits I’m trying to get into.



Community Music Thing

The Kitchener Farmer's Market comes together every Saturday, and there are all kinds of performers there. Some of them play for a living, some of them play for a charity. I don't know how much they bring in, but like us, they could probably use a little more. They do it for the love of it as much as the money, I imagine. Still, let's help them out. Here's how we're going to do that. Step 1: Learn the Songs Below are youtube videos and links to the lyrics of two songs that are pretty easy to play on just…


Movember Finale

So it’s the last day of Movember, and here we are. I’ve done pretty well, considering that it’s my first time, and I’m already alight with ideas about how to do better next year. Jodi won the bidding on my moustache, and opted to keep it just the way it was. I’ve been busy with papers and events, so I haven’t managed an update every day, but I have been taking pictures and appearing around town, so here’s a places I’ve been and people I’ve been with. (more…)


Movember 16th

Halfway through, and I'm now looking like a badass biker. Okay, that's probably not true. But it's coming along. Tonight I'm off to McCabe's with the rest of my Movember team for their MoCabe's Movember tweetup. I've raised $45 dollars so far, which is more than I've ever raised before. My goal is $200, so I'm almost a quarter of the way there, though it's halfway through the month. So I want to up the ante a bit. My handlebars are coming along, but I'm not growing them for me, I'm growing them for you, so really, I should be…

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