October Madness, part 2

It’s been just about a year since I started posting here, and I’m pleased about two things. First, things in my life haven’t slowed down at all. Second, they’re getting better. There’s definite progress happening, and I can see that by reading the last eight months of posts. Last October I was getting used to grad school and getting ready to speak at Ignite. This month, well, it’s time for one of those “What I’m up to” posts.  (more…)



Late night post, partly the fault of the topic. This week has been a week full of music. The Grand Porch Party last Sunday, playing bass with the Berliners, and then again for three sets at Souls for Milestones, and finally today at Open Streets in Uptown Waterloo. It’s also been a week full of learning and inspiration, both from friends and members of the community at Ignite Waterloo on Tuesday, and at a Hopespring professional development seminar yesterday. But I keep coming back to music.  (more…)

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