A Novel Idea

I’m not writing a book. But I read one. I just finished The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green, and it’s something else. I’m trying to fall in love with novels again, and if I keep finding books like this one, it’s going to be easy.

The best video I saw this week also comes from John Green, because he’s apparently the center of my universe right now. He was in a Hangout with the President. The President of the United States. The idea that somebody who writes books and makes Youtube videos can meet with the President is unnaturally exciting and inspiring to me. Here, you can see him ask about eliminating the penny.


It’s pretty badass, in a very nerdy kind of way. the thing I learned this week was that you don’t have to pick one thing to be good at. “Specialization,” Robert Heinlein said, “Is for insects.” What matters is doing everything you do with distinction. Even if that thing is being you. I spend a certain amount of time trying to blend in, and I’m not really sure why. I think it’s time to put a stop to that.

As promised, I made two videos this week. the first is on the merits of Dungeons & Dragons, and the second is a ballad that one of my D&D players wrote. Concept Crucible this week brought together the discussions over the past few months on stakeholders, heroes, and your best. Over at TPK, the topic was why “It’s my game” is a toxic phrase that needs to be shot behind the chemical sheds. Next week, why automation is death, what I’d do if money didn’t matter, and other bits of madness. Also, more work on less things, I think.

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