Where’s my Frakkin’ Video?

I know that’s what you’re asking. Well, I hope, anyway. I also hope you’re not a Cylon, because frakkin’ cylons. But the answer is both simple and awesome. I moved it. Partly because as I write this, I’m splitting up the video from last year’s Headshots from the Heart, and partly because I think it’s better to post the video during the week. Other up side? You get two videos, one with talking, and one with a song. For the most part. I’m gonna play it by ear, which is the best way to do it, I think.

So upside, more videos, more awesome. Also, I am a better man. After recently completing my duties as the best man in my friend Mark’s wedding, the bestness of my manhood is once again called upon by my amazing friend Ryan (who I hosted a podcast and did a short-lived Let’s Play with before he got eaten by grad school), and the ever awesome Andrea (who just finished her Master’s and started an awesome crafts business). That is by far the most awesome thing to happen this week, and I’m excited to help them out. Also, bachelor party D&D. It’s gonna be a thing.

Anyway, this week I wrote some things. At TPK, I started to break down the 20 Question background into some meaningful components, and over at Concept Crucible I introduced you to the only person in the world who can make sure you’re doing your best. At Labyrinth I showcased last week’s Archaeology song, and then we had a snow day, because snow day.

This has been a week in which things were learned. I really need to start making a list of those things. Here. So let’s start now. This week I learned that it’s okay to be a little literary. I also finished Count Brass, by Michael Moorcock, the latest piece in my attempt to once again love the novel. That was my week. How was yours?

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