Twenty Odd Years

Met up with a friend yesterday that I haven't seen or chatted with in twenty years. It's enough to make a person feel old. We met in kindergarten when I bopped him in the nose in a fit of opportunity, and didn't drift apart until high school despite family events and moving across the province. It's not shocking that a lot of things have changed for both of us, but it's funny the things that stayed the same. The kid who lives in my memories┬áloved driving, tinkering, and competition and all three interests came together in watching his dad fix…


The Earth We Leave Behind

Last night, the elders of Britain failed their children. The United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union is already depressing their economy and caused the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron who, while not an especially forward-thinking politician, stands to be replaced by someone worse. Scotland is considering a second referendum for independence. I'm heading to Scotland in just over two weeks for my first ever vacation, so I may even get to see some of the slide toward a V for Vendetta style shitty future first hand. I say the elders of Britain failed because they did. The…

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