TEDx, VEDA, and Other Acronyms

It’s been a little while since I wrote a Sunday post. I started these posts to keep myself sane in grad school, to make sure that I went out and did something interesting in my community every week rather than locking myself in my office with my thesis, but somehow lately I’ve been too busy getting out in my community to stay inside and write. There’s been work, and TEDx, and Headshots from the Heart, and lots of writing. Just not here, which is a shame. I really enjoy these lazy Sunday posts where I don’t make a case or an argument, just sort of relax in text.

Two weeks ago I was at TEDxWaterloo, which was awesome, and I did my obligatory post about it over at Concept Crucible, in part because I was struggling with some writer’s block. the writer’s block post is this Wednesday coming, because if you can’t write about anything, you can at least write about writer’s block. My biggest lesson coming away from it was that I really do love making things. Not physical things (I’m like it, but I’m kinda crap at it), but writing, music, spaces, and ideas.

Speaking of making things, I’m doing Vlog Every Day in April for, well, the month of April. I really want to make more videos, and this is a great reason to do it. It’s pushing me to look for topics, make more music, and really just be a lot more comfortable using my camera than I was. Also to clean my apartment. Jeez. My best video this week, I think, was a live piece I did at the KW Poetry Slam finals. What can I say? I love the past.

So that’s a thing. I’m hoping to win a spot on the open mic stage at Vidcon in August, so wish me luck. Also, the thing I learned this week was how to use an apple slicer.

That’s all I’ve got for today, so I’ll see you on Thursday!

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