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Valentine’s Day Polar Song


Woot Suit Riot A song for Alicia, who supported my Polar Plunge campaign and is a marvelous lady. You can find out more about her work in mental health advocacy at aliciaraimundo.com! …

“We’re all just human!”

Wootsuit - privilege

Today’s video came out of a post a friend of mine put up on Facebook that got a billion likes from everyone, but also got me thinking about how saying we need to forget about race and sexuality and focus on humanity is a super problematic thing to do, and steeped in privilege. He’s a …

Fandom: A Talk at Tri-Con

Jim in a Psycho Mask

Woot Suit Riot In this week’s vlog I talked with Ryan Consell¬†about what it’s like to not be a real fan. I’m not really committed to any one or even several fandoms, I just sodrt of drift around thinking things are okay. It makes it hard to feel like I’m part of a community sometimes, …