Cupboard Nibs and Apple Slicers

It's been a week. Still, things are getting exciting. Our first cycle in the Conspiracy of Accomplishment is coming to a close. I'm getting up to some crazy things with Engage KW. It's funny that I can never really remember what happened during the week when it comes time to write these. Here's a video. I also wrote some things this week. I wrote about what I learned from a poetry slam, what the Classics Student Society does, and about some of the ways that students can manage stress. I'm gonna go and relax for a while, and prepare for…


How To

This week makes for a pretty interesting roundup, if I do say so myself. And I do. We're wrapping up the first week of the Conspiracy of Accomplishment, which I'll be talking more about over at Concept Crucible in the coming week. It's cool. I also took on a project, along with my Engage! KW team, to help foster more of a theatre culture in KW.I'm also organizing a community music project, so if you live in KW and like to sing or make music noises through some other means, come on down to the Yeti cafe across from the…


Ending the Week with a Slam

It's been a fast, great week of coffee meetings, lunches, work, and hustling. Not like hustling people, but moving quickly. I'm working on a music project for Extend-A-Family, and there's some exciting Headshots stuff in the works. Last night I went to my second KW Poetry Slam, and while I performed at the open mic, I didn't slam. Next time I will, and I might get a video of my first slamming awkwardness that'll be fun to share. In the meantime, here's this week's video, which is rambling enough to not require an explanation. Next week's song is about cardboard…


Higher Bandwidth Connection

No, this isn't a post about how terrible the internet is in Canada. It's a post about a new thing. this is also my first weekly post of 2013, partly because I've been lazy and partly because I was working on a thing. From now on, I won't be writing stuff for you to read here. Well, I will, but not necessarily about my week and the trials and tribulations of my life. Because now we have video! that's right, it's my first ever video blog. The sound is a little low, and I'm super nervous and awkward, but if…



No, this isn’t about the end of the world, but the end of the year. I started writing here a year ago to make sure that I didn’t get eaten by grad school. I wanted to force myself to do something interesting every week so I wouldn’t become some kind of office-bound Gollum. And it worked. Whether it’s because of these posts or not, I’ve had a pretty great year. Today I want to review a bit of it, and next week I want to set some goals for 2013. I know I already did this once for the academic year, but apparently I live in the real world now, and apparently, in the real world, the year ends in December.


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