Boredom Immunity

Woot Suit Riot In the 5th grade my teacher tried to break me with the hallway,, but instead I was transformed into a superhuman, incapable of being bored. Not exactly, but pretty close. Boredom is an opportunity to let your mind wander and your imagination run away with itself. The real secret is in the video.


“We’re all just human!”

Today's video came out of a post a friend of mine put up on Facebook that got a billion likes from everyone, but also got me thinking about how saying we need to forget about race and sexuality and focus on humanity is a super problematic thing to do, and steeped in privilege. He's a good guy, and I know his heart's in the right place, but that doesn't always count for as much as we'd hope. Mistakes get made, and I'm no stranger to that. Colourblind ideology is problematic for a lot of reasons that I get into today.…


Fandom: A Talk at Tri-Con

Woot Suit Riot In this week's vlog I talked with Ryan Consell¬†about what it's like to not be a real fan. I'm not really committed to any one or even several fandoms, I just sodrt of drift around thinking things are okay. It makes it hard to feel like I'm part of a community sometimes, and other times, when people notice my interest and take it for "real" fandom, I feel like I'm inadequate somehow. Like I should have done more. Which is total BS. Weirdly, I thought about this on the bus this morning. The people sitting next to…


TEDx, VEDA, and Other Acronyms

It’s been a little while since I wrote a Sunday post. I started these posts to keep myself sane in grad school, to make sure that I went out and did something interesting in my community every week rather than locking myself in my office with my thesis, but somehow lately I’ve been too busy getting out in my community to stay inside and write. There’s been work, and TEDx, and Headshots from the Heart, and lots of writing. Just not here, which is a shame. I really enjoy these lazy Sunday posts where I don’t make a case or an argument, just sort of relax in text.


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