The Last Cowboy

So it's December, sue me. I figured it'd be good to lighten the mood with the Windows XP Ninja Turtles stuff. Still, I have one more story that I want to get through. Bear with me. Dennis was a friend of the family. He loved model trains, history, and old movies. He always wore blue jeans and button downs, like a cowboy from one of the Louis L'Amour novels he used to read. He was full of stories, because he had a checkered past. Some of it he regretted, and some of it he was proud of. In a lot of…


Ottawa Memories

This week’s post is late because I just got back from a vacation. As you can guess from the title, I went to Ottawa. A friend and I wanted to do some tourist stuff for her birthday, and it was my grandfather’s 90th birthday this weekend. I saw Parliament Hill cats, street performers, ate at a great jazz bar, and nearly walked my feet off on some pretty great tours. And I was sitting here puttering and writing about that until I remembered something that made me delete all of it. It just hit me.  (more…)

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