Future Selves and Polar Songs

Today I wrote a thing, explaining the ethical obligations I have to my future self and why I should be nicer to Future Jim even if he sometimes is a lazy jerk. He gets that from his present self, so I can't blame him. Also, my final polar song, for Amanda Garbe!  


Polar Music: Birthday Song!

So I’m in the Polar Plunge on Feb. 22, and for a donation of $20, I offered to do a song or a monologue out in the cold. All the proceeds go to helping kids with special needs, and it’s a good time. Today was my first video of it, and it was a lot of fun, though my guitar is cranky. I love writing songs for people, and this was from a friend for a different friend, because it’s her birthday today. Things I learned? You don’t always get the song you want, you get the song you need (and sometimes you just get the song you get).



Desert Bus

A day late this week because of the G33k Art Show, which was incredible. With the help of my niece, the piano of Tom Nagy, and the KW community, my jars raised $84 and change for children's hospitals. I also bought some great art. Videos to come starting tomorrow. But I'll write about that a bit on Wednesday. This was also the week of Desert Bus for Hope, a charity event that literally changed my life. I watched it almost non-stop, taking notes and learning things for Headshots from the Heart, and I'm continually inspired by the efforts of the…

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