So…I Stopped Eating Meat

This was my first week as a vegetarian. The moral argument finally got to me, but I’ll get to that in this week’s Concept Crucible, where we do the actual philosophy. For me it’s been mostly adjusting the way I eat food, beans instead of bacon in the chili, new ideas for breakfasts and lunches. The physical adjustment hasn’t been that hard, but the social adjustment is weird. I’m sort of embarrassed about it, from a vague worry that my meat-eating friends will question my validity, whatever that means, and my vegetarian friends will think I’m stupid for taking this long to figure it out. Whenever it comes up, which is usually when someone raises an eyebrow at my new order of “…Veggie burger…”

I haven’t spent as much time wanting meat as I thought I would, though there’s been more than a few times. I’m still sort of figuring out what I want to eat. What non-bacon things I want to eat. Vegetarian tips sites are only so helpful. They often advocate “Getting in touch with nature” or “Taking more walks” but I’m not trying to be a superhippie, I’m just trying to figure out how to turn these lentils I bought into food (ps do not try to pop lentils like popcorn).

So today, on Mother’s day, I have spent a week as a budding vegetarian. I eat a lot more couscous, a lot less bacon, and a bit more junk food. I’m still trying to source food from stores and markets that are local, not so much because I’m supporting local economies or ethical buying, but because I am lazy and do not want to go far for food. It seems to be working, thanks to the nearby Farmer’s Market and a little health food store that sells me couscous and soy milk.

So far, 10/10. Would vegetarian again.


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