Skyrim Stream Characters

Janet, the Dragonborn

Janet is building a legend. An escapee from a flooded prison, she’s brought together warriors from across Skyrim, and with them she killed her first dragon, raising herself up from a mere mercenary to a chosen warrior. Dragonborn. Feet firmly planted on the road of destiny, she climbed the seven thousand steps to High Hrothgar, determined to plant her axe in anyone who’d dare get in her way. Everyone gets the chance to mess with Janet. Once.


A tested man, exiled from Morrowind, Pavel found the hold of Morthal in the grips of a vampire attack, and put his blades to use. Skyrim’s vampires die all the same, and he’s determined to see them burn. The rumours spread from hold to hold of his twin blades, and they say he’s already sought by the reforming Dawnguard.


A homesteader near Whiterun, Henry spent years watching Stormcloak patrols intimidate travelers on the road, demanding taxes and walking prisoners to their deaths in Windhelm. When one of the marching prisoners was his brother Clive, Henry intervened. The brothers escaped with their lives, but the Stormcloak put Henry’s home to the torch. With his future in ashes, he walked through the swamps to Solitude to pledge his bow to the Imperial Legion. The rest is yet to come.


Incarnate once again, Raiden walks the earth in the body of a lightning mage who reached beyond her grasp. Seeking their ascension again, Raiden has thrown in with the mortals at the College of Winterhold, learning to manipulate the mysteries of magic with mortal hands. Caring little for petty mortal conflicts, she surges through caves and camps alike with one simple message. “Give me what I want and I will leave you in peace.”

They never learn.


While Janet is driven by legend, Elena’s quest revolves around legacy. Formerly Janet’s commanding officer, she became thane of Whiterun in the Dragonborn’s wake, and seeks to extend her influence to all nine holds in Skyrim. Whether it’s fetching mead in Falkreath or slaying giants in the Pale, Elena is determined to do what she has to to ensure the right future for her, her family, and her nation.


Drawn to darkness, Helen’s ambitions left her exiled from the College of Winterhold, and she’s taken refuge with the only faction in Skyrim that honours the fire in her heart. The Companions welcomed her and respected her power, but she knows there’s more to their ways than ancient traditions and heavy blades. Helen’s pursuit of power over life and death will bring her to some of the darkest corners of Tamriel.


Returning home to Helgen to find it in ruins, Roland has fallen in with the Keepers of Hattu and their war on the Thalmor. They say they’ll move on when their mission is complete, but some of them share Roland’s vision to see Helgen reborn from its ashes. His journey will test both his steel and his spells, not to mention his loyalty.


Henry’s younger brother, Clive made his escape east to Riften. Shiftless, he looked for something to be a part of, and fell in with the remnants of the Thieves’ Guild. Now he’s picking fights with innkeepers, burgling citizens homes, running cons and torching beehives for the Blackbriar family. It’s hard to know how far he’ll fall before he gets to his feet.


Recently divorced from her husband in Windhelm due to her arguments against Stormcloak rule, Grace has been forced to make her own fortune. While unarmed, with her wolves and loyal bodyguards she’s never unprotected. She recently acquired Windstad Mine, and intends to build an empire from there with the support of the Dragonborn.


All of the warriors make their home in fire and steel, but none so literally as Wiglaf, who forges the weapons and armor needed to brace themselves against their foes. Supplying them and their companions, his joy is in good steel put to good work.


If Wiglaf lives for steel, Gregory lives for deals, taking in discarded weapons, armor, and sundries and selling them all over Skyrim. Happy to invest in merchants, his vision of the future is always obscured by piles of gold.

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