Something I learned recently is that I need to stop doing things by myself. I’m an extrovert, and I work better with other people. We inspire each other, check each other’s work, and push each other to excel. To be completely fair, I learned that last week, but this week I put my money where my mouth is. Well, not my money, but my creative endeavours.

As of this week, both Concept Crucible, my blog about awesome ideas and philosophy and nonsense, as well as TPK, my gaming blog, are partnerships. I’m not so much interested in guest writers as I am in collaborators, so I talked with the guys I used to host the Educated Imagination with, late in 2011.

Ryan Walsh and I will be working on TPK together, and we hope to have a lot of constructive conversations, because he’s a new GM, and I’m an experienced one. We’re going to use it as an opportunity to further develop our settings, showcase the creativity of our players, and we have a bunch of pretty cool ideas. Our content plan stretches out over six months so far, and I’m excited to work with him again on a project.

On Concept Crucible, it’ll be Dan Timmins and I plugging away. He’s really brought life to the project, and wants to take it past philosophy and into amazing ideas in science and technology, including a revival of the best part of the podcast, the Desk of Kickass McAwesome. It’s a long story involving Roman satirists.

I haven’t made any videos lately, because I’ve been rearranging my space to better accommodate the camera. I’m learning a lot about how to think about it, and enjoying the freedom of getting out from behind my desk. I really want to find some partners in crime to make some music and videos with, so if you’re interested, throw me a tweet!

All of this comes together with the thing that I learned this week, really just a thing that I was reminded of. The best kind of people make each other better, and I know the best kind of people. We inspire each other, and move forward. Sometimes I forget that, and I try to run out ahead. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but when I get tired, I find it’s harder to lean on people. This is not a problem I hope to have anymore.

So that’s my week. I hope yours was just as amazing. What did you start or learn?

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