The fact that I have been remiss about these posts is telling not just here but in my real life, where I’ve done less and less interesting things because I relieved myself of having to write about it. Blah blah this will change, we’ll see. Still, slowly working on getting things off the “Meant to do” pile and onto the “Done” one, but we’ll talk about Jim productivity another day. In case you weren’t aware, NIGHT/SHIFT was wicked cool, and I’ll have some video highlights on Tuesday. Between Nerd Nite, game night with the G. I. Janes where I was the worst elder god ever, and a great party, it’s hard to pick a best part of the week, so I won’t. But it was great.

Night/ShiftI love Halloween, and always want to be one of those people who spends six weeks putting together an amazing costume, but I’m instead the guy who remembers it’s Halloween two days before and throws together a thing from his closet. Happily I have a lot of weird costume things in my closet.

I haven’t been writing a lot lately. I got into a funk where I lost my direction, and while it was good to take a break, every minute felt a bit bad because I was falling behind on my commitments. Both my blogs are over two years old now, and they’ve come a long way but still have a long way to go. They’re changing me. for a while I was trying to write according to some super organized plan, and really found myself straining against it. It felt like writing for writing’s sake, rather than writing for fun or usefulness. Truth be told, I’m still sorting it out and don’t know that I ever will, but at least I’m having fun again. Other things I’ve been mulling over include:

  • Ethics and Halloween costumes.
  • Maker vs. marketer mentalities.
  • Gender at the gaming table.
  • What it really means to have audience engagement.

Some of these are going to be posts at some point, once I get my head sorted. I want to make all the things, but I also want to have a real life. That’s why I try and write here, it’s making a thing that requires me to have a real life.

Speaking of real life, I also applied to be one of the G33k Art Show’s musicians! It’s my second time applying to play music at anything, and I’m really excited for the opportunity to support my friends and other local artists by being amusing and making sounds with my face. Sounds like this:

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