Lazy Sunday

It’s a lazy Sunday today. The thesis is officially stalled. In a good way. I’ve turned in the final drafts of my first two papers, and I won’t have comments on my last one until tomorrow. So today, I’m putting, cleaning my house, and generally making a nuisance of myself. It leaves me with a lot of thought about what my next step is. 

For the moment I’m on the hunt, and I’m also going to be updating the sites a bit. here, Concept Crucible, and TPK. Working on a few more projects, practicing with the band for some gigs in the fall. I might even write a few songs. I have a lot of chord progressions that I’ve been messing around with and sound really good, but with most of my brainpower going into the thesis, I haven’t really had the wherewithal to write a good song. I tend to create them as stories, and then add themes with rhymes and imagery. It’s a process, and one I want to work at a little more. I’m also going to write my grandparents. Maybe start a knightly order. It’s a thing.

By next week’s post, I’ll be done with graduate school and off into the wide world. I’m really excited, and a little worried. It flips back and forth depending on who I’m talking to. Still, I’m going to see people more, and make a point of leaving my house every day. Otherwise I tend to go a bit mad, and that’s not good. I keep thinking of it as the beginning of my new life or something, but that’s not true. This is my life. I’ve been living it this whole time. Sometimes I forget that. I can’t say that I never will again, but today I’m particularly reminded. This week is certainly the beginning of something, that’s for sure.

This week I wrote about all kinds of things. Course offerings for the fall term and new manuscripts and projects in medieval studies, Kant’s best ethical advice and the principle of charity, as well as how to motivate heroes. Also, TPK has a great adventure log from one of my new players.

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