Ia Ia Ithaqua

We’re at Camp Ithaqua this weekend, named for the Elder God of the frozen north. Basically we rented a cottage and played boardgames and rpgs all weekend. Good times are had by all. It’s been neat to share space and get to know people, but I am literally leaving in a few minutes. Done all sorts of talking about everything from the symbolic world to why good people are interesting because they create good stories, as well. Also, we’ve got a few videos up on the channel from the camp. Being grownups is rad.

That’s really what it comes down to. We’re grownups, we wanted to do a thing, and we did. For some people that’s a cruise or a weekend out or whatever it is people do (I have basically no idea). For us, it’s games and snacks and pancakes for breakfast. We gather in a place where we’re safe, though there’s passing little concrete and no stores for miles, and play.

That’s basically the best way to play.

Greetings from Camp Ithaqua
Greetings from Camp Ithaqua

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