I’ve had a pretty hopeful week. Headshots from the Heart is pushing into high gear, with help from great sponsors like Kwartzlab and MiniWarGaming.com. Dave G of Wargaming Tradecraft is customizing some War Machine miniatures into the characters from Borderlands, and is doing a great series on how that’s happening over on the Headshots site.

For those who don’t know, Headshots from the Heart is a fundraiser I’m helping to organize. On May 26th, we’ll be playing Borderlands for 24 hours straight on a live webcast, with auctions, performances, interviews, and more. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to Child’s Play, which donates games and toys to children’s hospitals around the world. We need your support through pledges, auction items or volunteers. To find out more, visit our site at www.headshotsmarathon.org.

It hasn’t been solely a week of Headshots however. Gibson Sound and Video celebrated their 57th anniversary this week with a wine and cheese event. I attended last years, and met some great friends there, as well as getting to try out some cutting edge home audio and video technology. In truth, I didn’t even know they made televisions that big. I understood it academically, but I had never before been in the presence of one. It dominates a room like a digital monolith, silently promising some kind of multi-dimensional evolution. This year, I was more prepared for the advances, and managed to look less surprised when what can only be described as a video wall attempted to overload my senses. It sounds funny, but it felt like coming full circle, and gave me an interesting perspective on just how far I’ve come in the past year, the kinds of things I’m involved with, and the ways that I hold my values now, as compared to then.

The final up in the week was the Hopespring Cancer Support Centre volunteer appreciation event. I’ve been on the Hopespring event committee since January, and I spend most of my time writing advertising copy for my committee chair and brainstorming ways to make our events unique. Hopespring provides nonmedical support to people diagnosed with cancer and their families, in order to give them the strength to deal with the change in their lives. Counselling, wig-making, yoga, and a lot of other services are available through them. This week they showed their appreciation for the hard work of all their volunteers, and man, is there a lot! I never realized the scale of the operation I was part of until I got the chance to see the bigger picture. I’ve never been to a volunteer appreciation night before, but this one was one for the record books. Drum Cafe was there, and we spent an hour doing drum calls and building our ubuntu. All in all, a pretty satisfying week. Next week, bigger and better, starting with a performance at the Silver Spoon on Thursday night for the New Quarterly! Everyone is welcome!



This week’s Concept Crucible wraps up the prisoner’s dilemma I’ve been discussing, bringing things back to Marilyn once again, and will teach you a thing or two about contradictions. TPK talks about the relation between trust and tension, and chronicles the history of the Taer’Sulei, Temir’s frontier rangers.

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