Crazy September

Here it is. I’m finally doing enough on the internet that I had to make a site just to keep track of it, and is born. I’ll get some of my music up soon, i’m still figuring out the how the intricacies of WordPress work.

It’s been a crazy month, too. I started grad school (met some great people and got an office, which I love), got my first conference submission accepted, interviewed to speak at the next Ignite Waterloo, and recorded the first Educated Imagination podcast. I also started a positivity project group, and got approval from Child’s Play to affiliate Headshots from the Heart with them (more on those as they develop).

October isn’t slowing down at all, either. I just recorded the first installment of the as yet nameless Let’s Play project last night, I’m picking paper topics for classes and buckling down to work on that, working on the next Educated Imagination, and have a co-operative writing project I need to be working on as well.


More on that as it comes. For now, this is me, who I am, and what I do. Welcome to my life.

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