G33k Week

This week is Desert Bus! Seriously, I’m watching it basically non stop. Not only is it incredibly entertaining and entirely for charity, but I always learn things while watching the Loading Ready Run crew in their annual fundraiser. All the money goes to Child’s Play, which donates toys and videogames to children’s hospitals, and is the same charity we support with Headshots from the Heart. Desert Bus was an incredible inspiration and the crew was a great help in getting our first year off the ground, so I always check them out and throw a bit of money their way.

In the interest of that, I’m not going to keep you, only to mention that I’ll be playing at the G33k Art Show on Saturday from 6:30 to 9:00. Come down, see some great art, and ask me to sing songs. What’s more, you’ll be able to pick how I sing them. I’ll have some jars out with labels like “Muppet” “Dracula” and “Sean Connery”. Determine my style by dropping money in the jars, and all the funds will go to Child’s Play!

Now, Desert Bus!

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