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Last weekend I bought art and played music! It was amazing. I spent a lot of time talking and thinking about Desert Bus in last week’s post, and I’ve been realizing I want to write more. I want to make art, creative and interesting things, advice, music, whatever. Not whatever. there’s a danger of thinking small and undervaluing one’s own work that seems prevalent in artists, and I learned a lot about the dangers of doing so from artists there who are doing their damndest to make a living making things they love.

I want to do that. So I wrote a thing about being an artist.

I love my job, and don’t know that I’ll ever want to stop doing it (though I know one day I’ll be too old-fashioned to), but I have this sort of weird energy that hits me with the unbridled intensity of poetry. The hardest part is focusing it, it’s all music and videos and D&D and writing and more writing and romance in the soul and et cetera. It’s the part of me that wants to do it all and run around unleashed. I might even call it my Changebeast, which is a post topic for another day.

The thing I learned this week? There are more important things than being in the office sometimes. Chances you never want to miss. It’s a story for another time too.

Anyway, here’s a the amazing Tom Nagy and I playing a thing.

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