Flat Surface Blues

Flat Surface Blues

I have a love-hate relationship with flat surfaces. I love putting things on them. I will stack objects on top of objects if necessary. I love accumulating them, because more flat surfaces means more places to put things. Now that I don’t have cats, it also means that those objects can be expected to go unmolested (rather than being unceremoniously dumped on the floor). The problem is that I do seem to hate tidying flat surfaces, so while everything has a place, sometimes that place is under a bunch of other shit.

In a gorilla mask. Today I tidied and did other adult things. It’s Sunday, and that’s a thing I do on some Sundays now, when I’m not tutoring English and helping a group of internet people fight dragons. I have all these fresh flat surfaces now, having dug the the strata of stuff to uncover them. Business cards, badges from conferences, old receipts, musical instruments, and the occasional utility knife, it’s like uncovering the history of my life for the past few months. And don’t get me started on my desk. I love having a tidy workspace, it just never seems to stay that way for long. Even as I write this, the empty space on my desk has been replaced by my video and music gear, and a pile of papers that still need to get filed (cleaning out my filing cabinet will wait for another day. Ambitious student Jim thought he definitely needed to keep all his notes and all his assignments during university, neglecting the fact that he would one day use notebooks instead of looseleaf and that all his assignments are on his computer and backed up in the cloud. Stupid past Jim).

Last night I spent five hours shooting and editing a video with Ryan Consell of Mad Art Lab and Dragonsmith Armoury. Must collaborate more. Such fun. I love working with people, but it’s hard to get outside during the winter. I am allergic to cold. It is currently snowing like balls, and I’m not looking forward to venturing out in it tomorrow to head to the office, but if all I can complain about is the weather, I feel like I’m doing alright. Besides, as far as I know complaining about the weather is our national pastime.

Still. This -20 weather is not doing good for my not being a hermit. Though I am building some wicked things in Minecraft, at least. Stop by Woot Suit Riot and check it out sometime. It’s gonna be something else.

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