Ending the Week with a Slam

It’s been a fast, great week of coffee meetings, lunches, work, and hustling. Not like hustling people, but moving quickly. I’m working on a music project for Extend-A-Family, and there’s some exciting Headshots stuff in the works. Last night I went to my second KW Poetry Slam, and while I performed at the open mic, I didn’t slam. Next time I will, and I might get a video of my first slamming awkwardness that’ll be fun to share. In the meantime, here’s this week’s video, which is rambling enough to not require an explanation.

Next week’s song is about cardboard toys and the power of imagination, so leave your comments about what you’d pretend a cardboard box is!

This week’s TPK went over my 2012, reviewing some of the high points and common themes of the year. I’m looking forward to producing some video for this , and doing some D&D cooking. It’s a thing. Concept Crucible covered how we interact with stakeholders, and held the last stakeholder post for a few weeks, to give everyone a break from my increasingly technical ranting. This coming week I’ll have Words of Power or something. Finally, on Labyrinth I went over some of the great opportunities for students in the Winter term, from trips, to workshops, to the Smile Epidemic.

I’ve got some stuff cooking up that I’ll be prepared to talk about next week, so stay tuned. It’s still percolating a bit. See you next week!

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