I usually write these on the Sunday, as a reason to take a break from other things and look back on my week. But today I’m on the road, heading down to Sarnia to visit friends and family. I only see them about once a year, and that in itself is a new tradition, but one that I hope continues. I love my family. It’s not very big, and we’re all really different people, but we all tend to get along just fine.I can’t recall anyone ever having a fight, nor any deep familial rifts, which I’ve heard a lot of other families have. We’re just sort of people who hang out once in a while. 

In other news, I played my first open mic last week, in preparation for a performance I’m doing with Argyle Speedo at the New Quarterly launch on April 26th. The New Quarterly is a Canadian literature magazine run out of the University of Waterloo, and publishes works from a lot of the top writers and poets in the country. It’s at the Silver Spoon in downtown Kitchener on the evening of April 26th, so if you want to check out my musical talents, as well as those of the wonderful Steph Tanner, the radiant Andrew Butters, and my friend and occasional partner in crime Robb Farago, come on out.

Most of what I’ve been focusing on this week is finishing up essays for my coursework, and sending out sponsorship emails for Headshots from the Heart. We’re always looking for auction items, as well as food for our crew and money to cover the cost of our streaming. If you’d like to be a sponsor, you can find out more about it on our sponsorship page.

This week coming up will be pretty exciting. In addition to finishing some of my essays, I’ll be juggling at the Glass Slipper Affair, a benefit for Family and Children’s Services in Waterloo Region, going to the open house at Kwartzlab, and attending the local Ceilidh.

Concept Crucible this week takes a brief look at the iterated prisoner’s dilemmas, and I’m happy to say that we’re done with rules of inference and on to proofs. TPK offers a look at how GMs can build trust, as well as an update from the meta-setting, where I used to run campaigns.

Paper Progress:

  • Obligations of Authenticity in Social Media: Compiling Reading List
  • Power Relations and Ethics in Multi-level Games: Compiling Reading List
  • Applied Stakeholder Ethics: Compiling Reading List

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