Day 5 – The Case of the Missing Day 4

Day 4 was D&D night, which means no writing happened.

Words: 1725

Total Word Count: 6352

Favourite turn of phrase: “What could frighten an immortal more than his irrelevance?”

Lessons Learned: The tone is shifting dramatically. It’s still not entirely clear to anyone not me what this is about, but it’s vastly more intelligible than Ulysses, so there’s that. Jails are hard to write. I don’t know much about them, but don’t feel compelled to learn. This is a world with wizards, the prison system works how I say it does.

Conclusion: Keep writing. Something is coming. It’s waiting to happen, and I want to write the rise of the devil, even if he isn’t the villain. Also also, I still need to get to the pop star.

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