Community and Changes

Community and Changes

There’s going to be some changes around here in the next few weeks. I’m going to dust, polish up the pages, and get the lead out. And mix metaphors to great effect. Grad school is coming along swimmingly, but I’m not going to be here forever. I’ve realized that it’s high time to start looking for some gainful employment if I want to remain in a position where I can give back and participate in my community. If you, or anyone you know in the Kitchener Waterloo area is looking for someone with excellent writing, communication, critical thinking, and counterfactual skills, drop me a line at I’m going to update the site over the next while to reflect that, and I’m looking forward to it. I’m also going to start doing weekly updates, both about what I’m doing professionally, and interesting things going on in the city. I want to share these with you, and it will also make sure that I’m constantly pushing myself to participate.

The biggest announcement I have is my position as an organizer for Canvas and Candlelight, an fundraiser in support of the arts community. On February 14th, guests with the American Gothic or Starry Night package will come to THEMUSEUM at 7pm, where they’ll be supplied with a canvas and paints, and left to vent their creativity on it for an hour. Little Mushroom Catering will be providing a number of delightful treats during the hour. Afterward, the paintings will be put on display, and at 8:30 the doors open to those with the Scream and Persistence of Memory tickets for food, music, and mingling. Each painting will be part of a silent auction with sealed bids, with proceeds going to several local community arts programs. In addition, every package, including the $10 Jack Pine sponsor package gets one entry into a draw for a couple of handmade cedar planters donated by Great Saunas, as well as the grand prize draw for “Day Draws to a Close” by Nik Harron, a local artist. It promises to be a great evening of food, wine, and fun, so get your tickets now!

It’s the last weekend of the month, which means the Educated Imagination is on, and with all the talk about SOPA this month, we had to do an episode on copyright. Check it out here!

Concept Crucible updates this week are Words of Power: Wizards, where I talk about how we can change people through understanding the human condition, and this week’s lesson in logic is Negation.

TPK updates this week are D&D Next, which looks ahead to the newest edition of D&D, and the wiki update is the Church of the Ivory Throne, one of the religious organizations in Temir.

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