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The Kitchener Farmer’s Market comes together every Saturday, and there are all kinds of performers there. Some of them play for a living, some of them play for a charity. I don’t know how much they bring in, but like us, they could probably use a little more. They do it for the love of it as much as the money, I imagine.

Still, let’s help them out.

Here’s how we’re going to do that.

Step 1: Learn the Songs

Below are youtube videos and links to the lyrics of two songs that are pretty easy to play on just about any instrument. Put them in your ipod, do whatever you do, and learn them. Bring some lyrics if it’ll help. You’ll have company to sing along. Feel free to bring an instrument and play along, too!




Step 2: Show Up

Come to the Kitchener Market on Saturday, January 26th for 11:30am. We’ll meet at the Yeti Cafe, across the street. The Market will be in full swing, so bring your kids, and get some grocery shopping done beforehand if you like. I’ll be there in my black parka, probably freezing (I want to use the market ’cause it’s warm). Find me, and I’ll arrange the details and pick out a performer.

Step 3: Music!

This is the best step. We’ll sing and play both songs with the performer. Do your best to stay out of the traffic so people can get their stuff done, though. Smile, have a good time, and do your best.

Step 4: Retire

We’ll head back to the Yeti afterward, where we can get hot chocolate or coffee and relax after a job well done.

Step 5: Profit.

Everyone wins. We love making music, and get to do it. The performer gets some extra money and everyone gets to feel the love. We’ll do this again, because we love it. Have a song you want to do or an idea for something we could do for our next music get together? Leave it in the comments!

Remember, music is like a lever. If you’ve got the right place to stand, you can move the world.

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