This week I did something special. I took care of my nieces, Gwendolyn and Alice, while their mum was at a conference. They’re seven and four respectively, and not really my nieces. I have a really small family, so I’m forced to adopt. We’re family in all the ways that matter, I think. I haven’t spent that much time with kids since I did counselor training at a summer camp about 15 years ago, and I found it to be not just enjoyable, but educational.  (more…)


TEDxWaterloo 2012

Last week I talked about my experiences at TEDxWaterloo last year, and how they left me feeling pretty different. This week’s event was different, but no less significant. I felt like I’d come full circle, completed some kind of transformation. I don’t have space to recount everything, but I want to touch on what hit me hardest. (more…)


TEDxWaterloo 2011

This week’s been buried in work, but I’m getting more and more excited for TEDxWaterloo this coming week. There’s some great speakers this year, including my friend TJ. I thought I’d spend today talking about last year’s TEDx, and how it changed the way I thought about things.




No, not photographs. We’re starting to pick up speed on Headshots from the Heart. It’s an internet telethon where I and three others will play Borderlands for twenty-four hours, all on a web cast. There’ll be prizes, giveaways, auctions, challenges, and more! We’re doing it for Child’s Play, a charity which purchases games and toys for children’s hospitals. On May 26th and 27th you can tune in and donate. More details are available on our site.

Headshots from the Heart (more…)


Weekly Update: Conference

This weekend has been jam-packed with exciting academic events, because we held the 19th annual University of Waterloo Philosophy Graduate Conference here at my school, so the days have been full of lectures, and the nights full of chats in pubs about logic, philosophy of science, and metaethics. Our keynote speaker was Helen Longino, chair of philosophy at Stanford and an absolutely amazing thinker. Reflecting this, we had papers on her work in philosophy of science and social epistemology, as well as on norms of assertion, Carnap’s logic structure, and semantic externalism. Many things were learned, much food was eaten, and much fun was had. But as always, there’s more.  (more…)

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