The Earth We Leave Behind

Last night, the elders of Britain failed their children. The United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union is already depressing their economy and caused the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron who, while not an especially forward-thinking politician, stands to be replaced by someone worse. Scotland is considering a second referendum for independence. I'm heading to Scotland in just over two weeks for my first ever vacation, so I may even get to see some of the slide toward a V for Vendetta style shitty future first hand. I say the elders of Britain failed because they did. The…


Balloon Fort!

Waterloo Duels in full effect! I am alive, and we are making things. Agnes, Queen of Cardboard Drew, Lord of the Balloon Fiefdom DUELS!


Sitting Quietly With People

It's Canadian Thanksgiving, which means I'm in a whole other city visiting family and dogs and things. It's 1am and there's a dog who refuses to go to bed as long as one other person in the house is awake. I'm writing and getting this week's videos ready, and thinking about how my family is weird. It's not that strange, my understanding is that everyone's family has its quirks and oddities. Mine is that we sit quietly in rooms together. Hours can go by without anyone doing more than making polite conversation, whether in the house, over dinner, or in…

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