I’ve had a pretty hopeful week. Headshots from the Heart is pushing into high gear, with help from great sponsors like Kwartzlab and MiniWarGaming.com. Dave G of Wargaming Tradecraft is customizing some War Machine miniatures into the characters from Borderlands, and is doing a great series on how that’s happening over on the Headshots site.

For those who don’t know, Headshots from the Heart is a fundraiser I’m helping to organize. On May 26th, we’ll be playing Borderlands for 24 hours straight on a live webcast, with auctions, performances, interviews, and more. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to Child’s Play, which donates games and toys to children’s hospitals around the world. We need your support through pledges, auction items or volunteers. To find out more, visit our site at www.headshotsmarathon.org. (more…)


Who’s Laughing Now, Mom?

that doesn’t mean what you think it means. One of the jokes I like to tell when I’m doing a juggling, magic, or musical performance is “When I told my mum that I was going to get a philosophy degree, she laughed and said I had to get a marketable skill. Well, who’s laughing now, mom?” And this has definitely been one of those weeks, between playing with Argyle Speedo at an open mic, and juggling for three full hours at this year’s Glass Slipper Affair. Looking back on the week, it really calls to mind one of the most important questions I’ve learned in the past few months.  (more…)



I usually write these on the Sunday, as a reason to take a break from other things and look back on my week. But today I’m on the road, heading down to Sarnia to visit friends and family. I only see them about once a year, and that in itself is a new tradition, but one that I hope continues. I love my family. It’s not very big, and we’re all really different people, but we all tend to get along just fine.I can’t recall anyone ever having a fight, nor any deep familial rifts, which I’ve heard a lot of other families have. We’re just sort of people who hang out once in a while.  (more…)



This week I did something special. I took care of my nieces, Gwendolyn and Alice, while their mum was at a conference. They’re seven and four respectively, and not really my nieces. I have a really small family, so I’m forced to adopt. We’re family in all the ways that matter, I think. I haven’t spent that much time with kids since I did counselor training at a summer camp about 15 years ago, and I found it to be not just enjoyable, but educational.  (more…)


TEDxWaterloo 2012

Last week I talked about my experiences at TEDxWaterloo last year, and how they left me feeling pretty different. This week’s event was different, but no less significant. I felt like I’d come full circle, completed some kind of transformation. I don’t have space to recount everything, but I want to touch on what hit me hardest. (more…)

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