Headshots 2012

Today is the first day after Headshots from the Heart, and in some ways, the first day of the rest of my life. As I write this, despite the choking heat in my room and the weekend’s sleepless night, I’m filled with a strange energy. We did it. Months of planning culminated into one mad weekend, and then it was over. With a total of 3508 headshots (over 1200 of which were mine) over 24 hours of continuous play, we raised more than two thousand dollars for Child’s Play. We couldn’t have done it without our volunteers, the businesses, local and online who supported us, Kwartzlab, and our viewers. Did I mention that the whole stream is recorded online? (more…)



Apologies for the late update. I wanted to get it out yesterday, but between working on the song, Headshots from the Heart, and a run in with Minecraft, it wasn’t a reality. Next week’s will also be late, because I plan on being dead for much of next Sunday, having just finished up Headshots. Still, it’s been a busy week, so let’s get started.



Kalamazoo 2012

As promised here’s the post for today, though later than I’d like. Kalamazoo was more than just a blast. It was a valuable experience both professionally and educationally, and I made some good friends while I was there. It was nearly a full week of twenty-one hour days, staying up until three am talking, and then getting back up at six to get to breakfast and the plenary lecture.  (more…)

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Funny name for a place, isn’t it? It’s home to all kinds of interesting things, including a celery museum, a Lord of the Rings themed pizza parlour, and the University of Western Michigan, where I’ll be spending most of my week, along with over two thousand other scholars. It’s time for the International Congress on Medieval Studies, the largest medieval studies conference in the world. This year is pretty special, because I’m presenting. It’s my first conference presentation, and I’ll go into it a bit, but more about the ICMS.  (more…)

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