Canada Day

I’ll keep this short, partly because it’s Canada Day and you have fireworks to get to, but mostly because I’m sealed in my office like marmite in a jar, yeasty and unfamiliar (even my wordpress doesn’t recognize marmite as a word), and I’m getting a lot of work done on my paper. So Canada Day reflections.  (more…)

Tired of Being Cool
This is my cat trying to take a picture of me. My pose was awesome.

Tired of Being Cool


I write a lot, and a bunch of it is here. This the gateway to all things me. That’s why it has my name, and my picture on the front, and that’s why you’re here. Or I used to think that. I used to. I’d think that you came here to see me, and all of the stuff that I do, and so I’d have to spend a lot of time and effort showing you how cool I am so we could be friends. But recently I realized that I’ve been mistreating our friendship by thinking about it like that. You’re better than this, and I don’t have to try so hard to impress you. I can just be myself, and we can hang out here with the rest of the internet.  (more…)



Late night post, partly the fault of the topic. This week has been a week full of music. The Grand Porch Party last Sunday, playing bass with the Berliners, and then again for three sets at Souls for Milestones, and finally today at Open Streets in Uptown Waterloo. It’s also been a week full of learning and inspiration, both from friends and members of the community at Ignite Waterloo on Tuesday, and at a Hopespring professional development seminar yesterday. But I keep coming back to music.  (more…)



I was the best man at a my friend Mark’s wedding this week, and spent much of it thinking about what I was going to say at the reception. And hoping I wouldn’t drop the rings. Because that would be bad. As I understood it, best men are supposed to tell embarrassing stories about the groom, stand a lot, face things, and generally be charming and fun. I definitely faced things and stood a lot. I discarded my speech before I got to the podium though, it just seemed kinda trite. Instead, I talked about something that had been on my mind all day, and I wanted to share it here.  (more…)



With Headshots wrapping up, it’s time to move on to what I was actually supposed to do with my summer. My three thesis papers, finding a job, that kind of thing. This will mean the reintroduction of the thesis progress part of these posts, now that it won’t depress me because I’m buried in coursework. I have a strong start on my first paper on the applications of the stakeholder model in personal ethics, and hope to have a draft ready for my advisor in two weeks. It’s only about 6500 words, which is totally doable.


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