Ottawa Memories

This week’s post is late because I just got back from a vacation. As you can guess from the title, I went to Ottawa. A friend and I wanted to do some tourist stuff for her birthday, and it was my grandfather’s 90th birthday this weekend. I saw Parliament Hill cats, street performers, ate at a great jazz bar, and nearly walked my feet off on some pretty great tours. And I was sitting here puttering and writing about that until I remembered something that made me delete all of it. It just hit me.  (more…)



It’s been quite a week. I got some great fundraising training from Rita Egizii of the Haskayne School of Business, thanks to Hopespring Cancer Support Centre. She really helped me bring a lot of things into focus about strategic planning, and is half of the reason this post is about what it’s about. It’s also great that Hopespring invests in their volunteers I was new to fundraising when I started on their committee in January, but now I feel like I understand a lot of the basic principles and best practices. Other things happened. A bike adventure with tiny people, a friend getting married, and a late night wishing my friend and fellow podcast host Joy a good safe trip, because she’s off to Japan for a year. But those aren’t my stories, they’re someone else’s.  (more…)



I’m in Toronto right now, staying with friends. It’s 7am as I write this, they’re asleep, and I’m up getting some work done. It’s been a great weekend that’s included some fun games, movies, and a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum so far, with more games to come. I head home tonight, I have a Hopespring training session tomorrow, as well as a barbeque with the students of the UW Classics department. I just wanted to take a minute to talk about something weird I noticed on the bus on the way here.  (more…)


Sunny Sunday

I don’t actually know if it’s sunny, because my office doesn’t have windows. It was sunny when I got here at eleven, though it won’t be when I leave, because it will be night. It’s a weird day, but it’s been a good week overall. I’m going to make this short though, there’s a lot more work on the docket and I’m really excited to get to it, as weird as that sounds.  (more…)


The Loneliest Lighthouse and Other Wackiness

It’s a pretty good Sunday. My first paper of my three thesis papers is ready to go, which puts me a little behind, but has given me a much better handle on what it takes to write a paper at this level and the kinds of things I need to be thinking about. My research and plans for my second and third papers are already finish, and I start my work on the role of authenticity in social media tomorrow.  (more…)

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