Back in Black

It’s the song I keep humming every morning on the bus. The new site is white of course, but you get the idea. It’s been a long time. I stopped writing these when things got crazy during Headshots, and never quite managed to get back to them. Between Vidcon, getting my wisdom teeth out, starting a Youtube channel…I won’t say there hasn’t been time to write, but I took it pretty easy over the summer. But I’m back in the saddle and I’m here to stay, every Sunday until whenever. Partly because after spending a few weeks curled up in a tiny ball from pain, I’m out of the habit of leaving my house. Writing here changed that before, and I’m hoping it does again. I also like having a space where I can just write about things that are going on. Speaking of that, I declared a moratorium on crazy schemes for the summer, but now that it’s fall, things are back on.

The Conspiracy of Accomplishment

The Conspiracy is going into its second pilot, this time with some better web tech. Essentially it’s a system for getting things done and creating connections with other humans who are interested in getting things done. We’ve learned a lot of really neat things from the first pilot. Eleni Tsimpragos and I are working on it now, which means twice the dedication and fun. We’re still looking for conspirators, so drop me a tweet if you’re interested.

Headshots 2014

Planning for Headshots from the Heart gets underway soon. We had a great run in 2013, raising $5000 for children’s hospitals. Next year we’ll do even better. We’ve expanded our organizing team and I’m really excited for things to come.

D&D for Charity

This is going to be a thing. My D&Dnext playtest game is going strong and I’m loving the system. I’m going to start tapping people to help plan this in the next few weeks, and we’ll put together an adventure for four unsuspecting players. It’ll be done on a live webcast, and the audience will have the opportunity to mess with the players and GM in real time, while donating money to charity and winning fantastic prizes to boot.

Woot Suit Riot

This one isn’t just planned, it’s underway! Kayleigh, Ryan, Dan and I are putting up videos on Woot Suit Riot, where we have fun being nerds about nerd things. From writing music to talking about science, tech, and gaming, we’re having a good time and making some neat stuff. Head over and subscribe to get all our updates!

So I’m gonna get up to some trouble here again. I promise that. And things will happen. I aim to misbehave.

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