2014 Calendar

This week I wrote a thing. My friend Andrew at Potato Chip Math is doing a flash fiction challenge every week, and I wanted to participate because I’m desperately trying to remember what it’s like to write fiction. And yes, writing fiction and writing D&D things are different, don’t ask me why, but they feel really different. I also made my first videos of the new year, with my brand new lights that I built with the help of Ryan Consell, super genius and armorer. I’m making a lot more things this year, and I’m hoping to keep up with it and keep the quality up. I have this boundless creative energy some days, and it’s kinda wonderful. For some reason I also still find time to relax. Here’s an update.

Monday: New post at TPK, on running roleplaying games and close-reading them.

Tuesday: New vlog on Woot Suit Riot. I’ve been vlogging for a year now, and I’m excited to keep going. As well, a wiki update on TPK every other week, building on the setting in my gaming world.

Wednesday: New Concept Crucible post about thinking, ideas, books, philosophy and stuff that keeps my head working properly.

Thursday: Gaming video on Woot Suit Riot. I’m doing a full play of F.E.A.R., commenting up games with people, and once we get the server reset, some Feed the Beast videos.

Friday: New music on Woot Suit Riot! I’m looking forward to interpreting some medieval tunes, playing covers, writing lit music, rocking out with some riffs, and writing some originals and parodies.

Saturday: Saturdays are roundup day, with TPKtalk where we share links and articles about gaming, and the Concept Crucible Hexup, six great ideas from science, tech, charity, art, you name it. It’s a good day for links.

Sunday, I rest. Just kidding. Every two weeks we have the D&D livestream on Woot Suit Riot, as well as the weekly update here on my website.

To still happen: weird tumblr things, articles for the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence, more flash fiction, Headshots from the Heart, Licking Darkness, the Concept Crucible podcast, and D&D for charity. Weirdly, I still find myself with bunches of free time. I don’t know how that works. Part of it is not doing it alone, I think. I’ve got some pretty good partners. I also want to do some more volunteering. I need to work with more humans. For some reason, I think they’re pretty neat. I also want to blog here some more, ramble about things, make up words, and be more strange. Sometimes it’s useful, and I’m looking forward to it.

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